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Vibgyor Culinary Festival 2019


It was a lazy day, I spent watching Hell’s Kitchen in which Gordon Ramsay hosts a fiery cooking competition. It was filled with drama and arguments by all participants. So when I sat in the Vibgyor Culinary festival, a brand of Far Eastern Impex, I actually found it refreshing as chefs were smiling everywhere. Probably people who love to cook and eat are the happiest people, or just this city is filled with people who love to eat and smile.

I’m just crazy about colors let it be food or canvas. And this company offers good quality and range of food colors. One day I used all the food colors in my collection and ended up making an abstract painting of peacock. And when I was invited to their culinary festival, I happily agreed.

Abstract Peacock Art on Cake

I made friends and exchanged cards with chefs sitting next to me. There was a collection of assorted foods, recipes and products. And then there were renowned Chocolatiers and chefs, being new in the culinary industry and the city, I didn’t know much about them. While watching recipes, I walked around to see the display of food, it was fascinating. As I sat down, The chef next to me, brought a few Chocolate cookies and brownies to our table. I asked her, excitingly,” are they for me?” “No! It’s for my chef friends”. “Oh! ok…” I replied. “But if you want I can get for you too”, She inquired. “Sure, why not!!” She brought a few desserts to the table. They were tempting, I ate one from each type. They were baked to perfection and taste. Especially Macarons, they melted in my mouth immediately, and were finely prepared with peanuts, eggs and fascinating colors of rainbows… Back in the day, we all remembered the sequence of rainbow colors as Vibgyor (Because, colors appear on the rainbow from bottom to top, as Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red).


Chocolate cookies were delicious but aftertaste was oily. Most probably, the recipe was made for a different butter/brand. When one of the staff members inquired from me that if I liked the food. I let the oil in cookies pass because the GCB chocolate compound, used in them tasted pretty decent and somehow it compensated for the oil.

Chocolate Cookies

The last recipe was of Mirror Glaze Gel, I’ve been wanting it for a while. I guess I still didn’t learn anything about it… ???? Probably I’ll wait till someone shares the method. So far my favorite product is Cake gel. As it improves the texture of the cake, the sponge looks professional and maintains its shape for longer duration than average cake sponge.

The event concluded by refreshments, tea and pictures. There was a variety of delicious snacks prepared by COTHM, and were served hot. I got a chance to connect with other chefs too.

Blogger with VCS Team

Random Clicks from the show

After Hi-tea we were given gift bags. Who doesn’t like gifts? And this bag had two product samples, brochures and an apron. I’m not sure if everyone was given the same samples, I got Cocoa Gold powder and Madagascar Vanilla. I already had used Vanilla flavor but I couldn’t wait to experiment with the Cocoa powder.

If you have used any of Vibgyor products, let me know what do you think? Here is the link to their Facebook page. Vibgyor Culinary Solutions 

VCS Event Core Team

Cocoa Delight

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